The lights came on, the decks wound down, and the music stopped.


"Stay exactly where you are. Don't move" a woman copper shouted over the DJ microphone.


"This is my territory, be on your way" retorted a defiant raver, resonating a familiar sample used in Platform One's 1991 techno track, "Private Terrain".


There must have been fifty dibble in the place, with more spilling in and another fifty waiting downstairs we later discovered. After a rigorous body search, our names were checked on previously set up computers then we were strong-armed through the big glass doors, out on to the street amongst the riot vans and horses.


The result of months of undercover operations had finally peaked. Hull nightclub Juliet's was being raided, and for a young lad from one of the city's many council estates, it was the end of a life changing chapter in his utopian dream.


This collection attempts to trace my steps before and after the infamous night on Thursday 21st November 1991, celebrate the era, and acknowledge all who experienced peace, love, unity and respect on hundreds of England's dance floors.


Mike Pendegast











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